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Cannabis Finest Seeds Distribution

based in Barcelona (Spain)
Welcome to SeedsRoad.com !

Born from passion for selecting and growing medical cannabis seeds and,always be on the lookout for new,old and landraces genetics.
Our goal is to bring in some differents and among the best genetics for you.
Only original and fresh high quality cannabis seeds from few of the best breeders across the world, well known but not only with a fast order fulfillment and shipping service ALWAYS TRACKED. We sell in the original breeder’s pack and we cannot re-pack them.


Our selection of top quality seeds


Autoflowering cannabis seeds contains a recessive gene that make them flowering regardless the hours of light.


Feminized cannabis seeds are bred for obtain only female plants.They are make crossing a female with another one stressed with chemicals acid to induce the production of male flowers.



Regular cannabis seeds are make in the classic natural way using a female and a male donor of pollen.As a result there are seeds of both sexes.


Satisfaction is our priority

What OUR clients say

Semi di ottima fattura ricevuti in tempi record, riordinerò sicuramente!

Mattia C.

Fast shipping and service.

Frank K.

In two days i received the pack.Super fast,thank you 

Ross D.


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Frequently Ask Question

Got Questions?

Yes, SeedsRoad.com does ship worldwide but, before ordering from us we ask you to check your local laws. By ordering from our website you are declaring that you know all the relevant laws applicable in your country and the shipping is approved in your state/country. We ship worldwide. Cannabis laws are constantly changing. It is up to you to know the laws in your jurisdiction.
Seeds are sold as NOVELTY ITEMS ONLY. We encourage our customers to follow all laws within their country, state and county and assume no responsibility if they do not.

Q: I would like to place an order, how can I do that?
A: Please visit our website, an add to your cart the items you want, confirm the order and choose the payment method. That’s it!
For special orders requests (big orders, special or particular seeds), please contact us at: orders@seedsroad.com

Q: Do you have a storefront or can i only buy via website?
A: At the moment it’s possible to buy via website only if we have some pick-up points where can you withdraw your seeds discretly, If you do not want to receive any packs at home!
After order confirmation please choose the shipping / delivery method.

Q: How can I pay?
A: We accept paypal (as a donation) , bank transfer, credit card (Visa, Mastercard) and bit coin.
When you place the order choose your preferred payment method.

Q: If I pay with my credit card, what will show on my statement?
A: It will be shown “ Payments to Paypal Europe Llc. “

Q: Which Currency will you charge me in?
A: SeedsRoad.com is Spain based and we only accept €uro payments.

Q: I can’t complete my order online for technology problems.
A: Please contact us at: orders@seedsroad.com

Q: I made my order but changed my mind, Can I get a refund?
A: Yes, you will be refunded the entire amount LESS the money sending costs (if they are), please contact us at: orders@seedsroad.com

Q: I received my order but changed my mind – can I return it?
A: We’re so sorry, but due for the nature of the goods, this is not possible.

Q: Price of an item has increased/deceased, why?
A: Our prices are subject to change at any time for a many of reasons, including availability of the stocks, montly specials, new releases, etc.

Q: Where do you ship from ?
A: We ship from Spain, always with tracked shipping service.

Q: How about shipping costs?
A: For all orders shipped to Spain the cost will be 10€, for all international order (Worldwide delivery) is a fixed quote in 25€, all shippings (national and international) are tracked, in anti-proof, anonymous brown bag. We take care of our customers and our shippings.
Q: Will you ship worldwide?
A: Yes, we ship worldwide, we cannot take responsability to the customer’s use, we strongly recommend to not open the seeds packs and do not germinate it, unless you live in a country where cannabis is fully legalised or in case you’re allowed by a medical autorization of your State.
Q: What if my package goes lost/stolen/not delivered ?
A: We’re so sorry but after the order fulfillment and the tracking order email we cannot take any other responability if the package will be lost / stolen / damaged by the carrier, we can’t reship or refund in this situation. We’ll be happy in offer you a SPECIAL freebie with your next order.


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